From antiquity to today: unconventional uses of gemstones you've never heard of

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From the depths of the earth to the screens of our smartphones, gemstones have been used beyond their dazzling beauty and luxurious status. These sparkling gems have been used in unconventional ways throughout history and continue to be used in modern times. Here is an overview of remarkable and surprising uses of gemstones you've never heard of.

Healing Power: Gemstones have been used in medicine for centuries. They were attributed mystical and healing powers capable of curing various ailments. The Egyptians used malachite to treat eye infections, and the Greeks and Romans used gemstones to cure headaches and depression. Today, practitioners of alternative medicines use gemstones in energetic healing practices to balance the body's energy and promote healing.

Earth Fertility: Did you know that gemstones have found their place in agriculture? Crushed diamonds are often added to fertilizers to enhance their effectiveness, and sapphires are used in sensors to measure soil moisture levels.

Technological Ingenuity: In modern technology, gemstones have become valuable components of many devices. Sapphire, known for its durability and scratch resistance, is used in smartphone screens. Ruby is used in lasers and high-tech equipment.

Brilliance of Cosmetics: Gemstones are also commonly used in cosmetics. High-end skincare products use crushed pearls and diamonds, as they are attributed brightening and exfoliating properties.

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